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Dog Gone Dog Summary

            Dewey “Mac” McClain, a flinchy middle schooler, is starting his own detective agency, not your likely James Bond-type. While on a field trip to City Hall he discovers that the mayor’s dog is stolen. Dewey thinks nothing of this, until he overhears a conversation between Hal Byrne, the mayor’s assistant, and Jimbo, the mayor’s (not so) secret service about how the mayor deserves this and they will be meeting up later.
Motivated by his grandfather Charlie, Dewey decides to take the case and trades paper routes to start his investigation. While not expecting much, Dewey is almost ran over, gathers fingerprints, and talks with Mayor Zelecki, Jimbo, and Hal Byrne about Chase. He leaves the house sure that it was an inside job, but who? An address from a ripped page of Mr. Byrne’s planner is his next step in cracking the case.
Dewey and his lead operative Ched, continue to follow clues and build spy gadgets. Dewey is painfully shy and awkward around most people. This is offset by Ched’s jovial carefree attitude, which is his security blanket. Dewey brings the brains and Ched brings the guts. As the story starts to heat up, their friendship is tested. School bully Zinc schedules a fight, “playground, after school.” Ched goes off to help make a diet soda and mint grenade, but never returns. Dewey feels betrayed until he goes home and finds a similar ransom note, this time for Ched.
Faced with the dognapping, the kidnapping, and a presentation in Mr. Robinson’s class, Dewey starts to doubt himself. While stewing, Dewey watches the green diver in the game Mousetrap and relates to the stupid look, praying position, and eminent fall. He watches the Rube Goldberg machine, but the diver falls on the side of the bucket and while the trap is falling on the mouse, the diver spins in circles and gains its balance.
Dewey’s confidence is rebuilt and he goes to work setting up his own “game” for the crooks. He first needs to get out of babysitting duty since his mean older sister has a date, easy solution: homemade whoopee cushion and stink bomb.
When Dewey goes to the rescheduled fight with Zinc, he faces his fear and recruits Zinc to help carry out his plan. The crooks go through a maze of traps leading them right to the police. Surprising everyone, except Dewey, it was {not going to tell you who it was on the website - sorry Charlie}.
Throughout the story Dewey makes over twenty-five different spy gadgets. All of these can be made by the reader for very cheap from common parts and little background knowledge with directions straight from Dewey’s Notebook in the back of the book.


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