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Michael Carroll's Query Letter

Dear Kind and Good Looking Agent,

            I’m a fourth grade teacher outside of Philadelphia. “Dewey Mac and the Case of the Dog Gone Dog” is a book aimed at the children in my class who are not avid readers. They enjoy building, playing, and joking around. These are the kids who read Diary of a Wimpy Kid and helped propel that series to its legendary status. They will be excited by this book’s straightforward and exciting storytelling of a world populated with wacky characters at every turn. This children’s lit detective story is Encyclopedia Brown meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets MacGyver.

Dewey “Mac” McClain is a nervous middle school student that is every teacher’s favorite, but he just wants to blend in. He uses his understanding of building gadgets to help him find the mayor’s stolen dog, evade bullies, and deal with his crazy family. Once Dewey finds himself in too deep, he has to face he fears and find a way out. At the end, the crooks fall into every trap, leading them right into Police Chief Hammett’s handcuffs in a scene similar to “Home Alone.”

Throughout the book Dewey makes over twenty five different spy, joke, or just fun gadgets. He writes down how to make each one in his notebook; those pages are included at the end of the book. The gadget instructions are clear and made for children as young as eight to be able to make from cheap and common materials. The readers can easily build a microphone that listens through windows out of an old toy, a room alarm, a stink bomb and whoopee cushion, a radio, a lie detector, use a laser pointer to listen through a window, and collect fingerprints. I brought many of these gadgets to this year’s Maker Faire in NYC and won the Editor’s Choice Award for how simple, educational, and fun they are.

Please consider representing this book. There is a need and a hungry market for a book like this, especially with boys 8-12. With the DIY, educational, and green markets growing, few parents or schools would pass up buying this book for their children.

Thank you,
Michael Carroll


Here you can download the whole Query Packet.