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About Dewey Mac

Dewey “Mac” McClain enjoys many of the things twelve year-old boys do: spying, playing detective, building, and science. Also, hearing farts makes milk shoot through his nose. He has combined all of these interests to become the best detective in Stoney Fork. He likes music, hanging out with his friend Ched, and eating his favorite food, ham. What makes Dewey unique is his wit and passion for science; he is constantly inventing tools to help him spy or to get him out of jams.

Likes: Elvis, The Ramones, Science


Dislikes: My sister Janice

About the Author: Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is a fourth grade teacher in a suburb of Philadelphia. He enjoys his job very much and hopes that all of his students enjoy this book. (OK, It's actually me (Mike Carroll AKA Mr. Carroll), enough pronouns.) I wanted to write this book after seeing all of my students want iPhones & iPads for Christmas. When I was a kid, we would make our fun, not buy it (I know, I sound like Old Man Carroll). I'm hoping that my students are entertained by this book, make their own fun, and their curiosity continues to be piqued. I wrote it for you guys!

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