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Welcome. This is the electronic home for Dewey Mac and all things science & cool.

Dewey is the lead character in Dewey Mac and the Dog Gone Dog. Dewey, along with the help of best friend Ched, starts the AKA detective Agency and takes on his their first case of the mayor's stolen dog, only to find out there's a lot more here than just a missing dog.

Dewey makes different gadgets to solve crimes, deal with his family, and avoid bullies. He writes down how to make these in his Awesome Kid Agency Detective Manual.

This book is for anyone likes adventure. A few pages from the AKA Detective Manual are hosted here. Check out how to make:

- Room Alarm - protect your room from anyone

- Vending Machine "Grenade" - an easy to make "grenade" to cause a sticky explosion

- The lasEAR - using a laser pointer to listen through a window

- The Interagator 3000 - An easy to make lie detector

- Non Mouse Trap - A safe mouse trap

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